I am a catalyst unleashing potential.

Five years ago Joanna* came to me forlorn; “Kathryne I need an opportunity, desperately! I know I have it in me to be a leader — but no one will give me a shot. I just need an opportunity!”
Kathryne SilverI watched Joanna flourish. She was part of a community group I facilitated and I had the joy of watching her transformation! A year after our first conversation Joanna began mentoring 12 girls. I wrote her a reference for a great summer work opportunity and she thrived there too. Two years after our conversation Joanna was mentoring 12 girls, who were each mentoring 12 girls. That’s 144 women affected just because one woman saw the potential in herself when it felt like no one else did.

If only we had eyes to see the potential in ourselves, in our work places, and in our communities. At Katalizt I believe that hidden potential abounds.

Like Joanna, I am a catalyst; igniting a chain reaction that far exceeds my own capacity.

I believe that you are a catalyst too, so let’s talk about what is brimming below the surface. What is asking to be unleashed
so that you, your organization, your community can thrive.


Kathryne Silver - Signature


Thrive. Flourish.


- A penny for your thoughts -

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